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The Surprising Link Between Proper Teeth Care and Financial Well-Being


Hey there, Gen Z Visionaries! Today, I want to talk about something that might seem a bit too basic for discussion but has a profound impact on your future financial health – proper teeth care. You might be thinking, “Don’t we all know that we should brush our teeth?” Well, you’d be surprised.

Growing up, I wasn’t exactly schooled in the art of toothbrushing. In fact, basic hygiene wasn’t a strong suit in my household. Consequently, between the ages of 7 and 18, I racked up a staggering 7 cavities, all courtesy of my parents’ wallets. Back then, I didn’t grasp the financial toll of fixing cavities.

To my surprise, I discovered that not everyone in my circle practiced good oral hygiene. I had family and friends who treated toothbrushes like optional accessories. One memorable (or cringe-worthy) tale involves my uncle, who boasted about brushing “just a week ago” when confronted by the dentist. The truth? He rarely touched his toothbrush, and his mouth paid the price.

Fast forward to my 40s as a single parent, and I started experiencing excruciating toothaches and gum abscesses. Cue the dreaded root canals – painful and wallet-draining. If you’ve never had one, picture a toothache so intense that not even Tylenol cuts it, and you can’t postpone the procedure. It’s a dental emergency screaming for immediate attention. Each root canal set me back nearly $1700. With no emergency fund at the time, I had no choice but to swipe my credit card and chip away at the debt for months. Even in my 50s, with an emergency fund in tow, that bill still stung. I couldn’t help but ponder the countless better uses for that $1700 – perhaps a well-deserved vacation or something far more enjoyable than dental work.

That’s why I’m writing this blog – to spotlight the financial consequences of neglecting your teeth. After those costly, agonizing lessons, I took oral hygiene seriously. Today, I’m a diligent morning-and-night toothbrusher, a daily flosser, a proud user of a tongue scraper, and a devout mouthwash rinser. I’ve come to treasure my hard-earned cash, and I refuse to let preventable dental issues steer me into debt.

So, Gen Z Visionaries, here’s the bottom line: Don’t skimp on oral health. Caring for your teeth today can spare you from budget-busting procedures and unforeseen expenses down the road. Trust me; your future self will be forever grateful for this post. So, keep brushing, flossing, and smiling your way to financial well-being. 🌟😁